I am Erin, the creator, ideator and voice actress and here, I welcome you to experience the deep inky pool of my creativity where the wee little inkling creatures pop up from time to time. Here I showcase some of my recent voice over work, spooky and magical products, creepy (and also fairly normal) writing and some of my work in entertainment marketing and internet development. The site is as eclectic and ADD as I am so enjoy digging around in the darkness.

2102, 2019

“Retail Therapy” short story

A short horror comedy story I wrote, "Retail Therapy," has been published in an anthology collection of horror stories that all take place in the same mall.

806, 2018

Seeking Dawn – VR Multiplayer Game

Featured as a non playable but central character in the SEEKING DAWN storyline.

1402, 2018

Congeria Audio Drama – Cast as THE LEAD

I was cast as the LEAD in the audio drama CONGERIA!

1011, 2017

9 Ways to Display Your Pin Collection

Maybe you’re a pin nerd from way back or a newbie who’s just outgrown your lapel and you’re looking for new and inventive ways to display your collection. I’ve gathered a few ideas here from our makers and around the web to inspire you.

1011, 2017

NoSleep Podcast Voice Acting

My experiments with podcasting (SubverCity Transmit and Mash Stories) led to an awesome new place amongst the regular voice contributors on the really wonderfully produced series "The NoSleep Podcast."