I am Erin, the creator, ideator and voice and here, I welcome you to experience the pool of my creativity where the wee little inklings pop up from time to time. Some emerge only to seep into my writings while others bubble up into my eyes to give me in-sight. The loud ones use my voice to carry forth feelings and the quiet ones plot plans for larger delights.

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3012, 2015

“Time Out” contest entry

What follows is an article I wrote for a "Win a Chance to Live In NYC for 6 Months" contest for the Time Out magazine site. The requirements were to write about a local experience in the city in which you live. As it turns out, what they were really looking for was listicles but hey, since I put the effort in, I figured I might as well publish the piece myself.
1812, 2015

“Amuse-Bouche” posted at

My first entry to’s daily flash fiction contest was published. The website allows fiction entries that have a strict limit of 101 words which is a fun little challenge.

You can read my story here: […]

612, 2015

“Dear Jane” – Another shortlisted entry at

My third entry into the flash fiction competition was shortlisted! As the competition picks up speed and followers it gets harder and harder to make it into the shortlisted stories so I'm supremely pleased that I made it in again.

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