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Quirky Gal / Dry Humor / Spooky Interests

Erin B. Lillis

I am a creative with multi-faceted interests and experiences. Currently my primary focus is on voice acting and podcasting but I also freelance as a professional brainstormer, creative strategist and interactive designer/developer.

With over 9+ years of experience in voice acting and audio editing and 12+ years in interactive development, marketing and design for entertainment properties (in a creative agency environment) I am firmly a ‘Jill of All Trades.’

My education in acting and voice is constantly ongoing, but to mention a few institutions – I’ve taken courses at Kalmenson & Kalmenson (for Animation and Commercial work), Groundlings (for improvisational comedy), audio design courses from PCC, Art Institute and more. Beyond this I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual and Media Communications (emphasis on Film) from Emerson College and a Bachelors of Science in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of California: Los Angeles.

Personality-wise – I’m a goofy lady with a strong sense of (dry) humor and a fascination with all things strange and unusual. I dabble in paranormal investigation, horror writing, dark design and spend my free time geeking out about the weird and mysterious. I’m an INTP personality type, a Leo, a Los Angeles native, a world traveler and I’m constantly trying to solve the puzzles of the universe while also changing my hair color with my moods.

I love when I can merge my interests and career and am always overjoyed when I can voice act or strategize for horror, fantasy and other genre projects. Yet, I also love Disneyland and kid-centric properties and am thrilled when I can add those to my portfolio as well.

My favorite characters to voice are villains and powerful females and I’m often also hired for my casual/relaxed voice vibe which works well for commercials, trainings and corporate projects when a friendly and warm voice is needed.

My life goal? To one day voice a Disney park animatronic!

Why Work With Me

My clients like to work with me because:

  • I have a vast array of experiences to draw upon
  • I’m tech and social media savvy
  • I have a constantly spinning web of creativity in my head
  • I work well in teams due to my sense of humor and jovial nature
  • In my voice work, I have a collection of characters and accents I can draw upon to tell a compelling story

Logic and Creativity

Logic & Creativity

Thinking Outside of the Box

Thinking Outside of the Box

Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor

Let’s Work Together


Send me a note and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
Or send me an email at Erin@ErinLillis.com