My first entry to’s daily flash fiction contest was published. The website allows fiction entries that have a strict limit of 101 words which is a fun little challenge.

My story is here: Amuse-Bouche

OR you can just read it right here 🙂

Grazia ran the syringe needle down the length of her tongue while batting her eyes at Kittarina.

“Not sure if you’re sicker than I thought or just trying to impress me.”

“Kitten, sweetie, if I wanted to impress you I’d probably do something a little more…I don’t know…acrobatic. I’m just savoring my job.” She winked, and the more rigid woman tried to hide her smile.

“Why don’t you cartwheel over here and help me with these knots. I don’t want this guy wriggling like that woman yesterday. I hate it when they tense up.”

“You are what you eat.”