Dear Jane


My third entry into the flash fiction competition was shortlisted! As the competition picks up speed and followers it gets harder and harder to make it into the shortlisted stories so I’m supremely pleased that I made it in again.

MashStories holds four competitions a year and the only requirements for entry are that your story is 500 words or less and it uses three keywords (provided during each competition). The keywords for my competition were: Carpenter, Taxes and Vinegar. (Carpenter! I had already used “Carpenter Ants” in my At The Base of the Birch story!)

You can read my story here: Dear Jane

[OK I’m going to give you the breakdown here since none of my readers have “gotten” the story so far – which means I didn’t do my job well enough. Lessons for next time! This letter is being written by a kidnapper to his victim that he has killed early on in the story. It’s her body that he’s carrying around for the rest of the tale.]