2020 brought us the pandemic and a Halloween like no other – one that was best celebrated at home. My personal kiddo friends (and their parents) were looking for ideas for things to do INSTEAD of Trick or Treating and I realized I could help. I gathered today horror writers, voice actors, sound designers and musicians to create THE NONAP PODCAST (a play on the title of The NoSleep Podcast) – a special audio drama “event” for kids. The project, which I produced, narrated, edited, wrote and cast, ended up being over 2 hours worth of kid-friendly creep content that I am so proud of. Still, to this day, I am asked by contributors and listeners whether the show will return for more episodes. Who knows!

You can read more about the project on its dedicated page here: http://www.erinlillis.com/the-nonap-podcast/

And you can listen in your podcast players of choice!


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