As a voice actor I know that I occasionally need references for various accents from around the world. There are great accent research sites out there in the world and various online databases of sample texts but I thought I’d start making a list of accents I hear in Podcasts. As a podcast listener and maker I know there’s a good variety of both scripted, conversational and acted (audio drama) podcasts that each reflect different styles of speech. I decided to start making a list of accents I find in podcasts for myself but I’ll make it public here for other voice actors as well.

American – Female

California – Female

    • My Favorite Murder (Host Karen Kilgariff, Central California and Host Georgia Hardstark, Southern California, conversational )
    • SubverCity Transmit (Host A.M. Onymous, Southern California, and Announcements A.I., Northern California, scripted)

American – Male

Minnesota – Male

New England – Male


British – Female


Canadian – Male

    • The NoSleep Podcast (Host David Cummings and Voice Actors Jeff Clement and Matthew Bradford, scripted)


Danish – Female


Irish – Male


Mexican – Male


New Zealand – Female


Norwegian – Male

    • Hunting Warhead (Einar Stangvik and Håkon Høydal, scripted, non-fiction)


Scottish – Female


Scottish – Male


Swedish – Female


Swedish – Non-Binary