Project Description

In Season One of CONGERIA, the audio drama originally created by Henry Galley and Atticus Jackson, I play “Jenny Walker,” the lead character, who is a private eye on the case of a missing child named Claire Dubois. Jenny is an incredibly like-able character with real human flaws, regrets and and an immense strength of character. She goes through a lot this season and learns a hell of a lot about what she can withstand, what she can’t and what true friendship feels like.

I was so honored to be cast in this role after originally just landing a bit part as “Consuela.” (Fun fact, they left me in as Consuela so I’m actually TWO characters in Congeria.)

Here’s a teaser for the first season.



In addition, a special partnership was formed with the streaming service SHUDDER. Exclusive minisodes that tell some character backstories can be found on the service if you are a signed up member. At the time of this posting, you could still sign up for a free month trial of Shudder by using the promo code “CONGERIA.”

Congeria can be found on your favorite podcast apps and you can follow the show in these additional locations: