Project Description

From Cloe Mak’s project page:

The Oddly Satisfactory is a self-initiated project that started off studying and exploring the development of ASMR trends over the past few years. It investigates the genres and techniques of how ASMR targets the reaction of various individuals, and whether or not is there an explanation to this satisfaction. There is often a debate that the sense of satisfaction is only evoked when watching it on the screen compared to when one is doing the action on his or her own, others beg to differ. Several experiments of different ASMR scenarios were conducted with different individuals, those that are aware of the term ASMR, but have never experienced it before. And those who are unaware of it.

In the process of finding out the answer, through curiosity, this project unknowingly brought about a new discovery: ‘Wastage for Entertainment’. Eventually employing the new acquired knowledge into the project by adding another perspective to the original intent. The project now portrays a two-point perspective.

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