The Mountain Between Us



Is love worth taking a risk when nothing is certain?

Tess Monroe is starting a new chapter in her life – or, at least, she hopes she is. After quitting her tedious, dead-end job, Tess has some time on her hands before her new career starts, and she’s determined to make the most of it.

As a congratulations gift from her family, Tess receives a week’s retreat: a guided hike up to an exclusive yoga resort in the mountains. She’s certain this will be her chance for a fresh start, but the trip begins on a bad note when an unexpected storm turns the leisurely hike into a dangerous ordeal. When Tess slips off the steep, icy trail, her vacation and her life are in jeopardy…until she falls straight into the strong, capable arms of the world’s hottest park ranger: Remy Labelle.

Remy is a bold, intelligent woman with a cutting wit, and her striking features and smoldering smirk make Tess go weak in the knees. But Remy has a huge chip on her shoulder about the yoga resort, and Tess never takes chances when it comes to romance. Still, Tess can’t deny the incendiary spark between them, and she finds herself questioning her rigid expectations of what a perfect romance must be.

As things keep going wrong on Tess’s vacation, she and Remy grow closer and passions flare. But Remy’s past – and the manipulations of Melissa, the resort’s manager, who clearly has a hold over Remy – threatens to get in the way. Will Tess overcome her fear of heartbreak to try a relationship with Remy? And even if she does, can Remy drop her barriers and allow herself to love again?

©2016 Marian Snowe (P)2018 Marian Snowe