Notes from an introduction to

This morning (2/16/21) I attended a Zoom webinar hosted by the VO Dojo presenting the upcoming voice over casting resource,, launching on March 20th, 2021 (for voice actors to start setting up profiles)

203, 2020

Paranormal documentary work

Over the past few years I've dabbled in documentary video production with a focus on the paranormal.

1511, 2019

NoSleep Podcast Halloween Live

Halloween 2019's live performance of The NoSleep Podcast featuring myself as a guest is now available to stream live.

1610, 2019

Tragedy of the Chosen One

I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to play Princess Leia in a Star Wars fan film.

1209, 2019

“Dear Jane” short story

A short horror story (which I originally wrote for a MashStories challenge), "Dear Jane," has been published in an anthology collection of horror stories titled: Black Rainbow: Volume I.