I’m very excited to announce that I was cast in my first VIDEO GAME! And it’s a HORROR video game to boot! I can now cross this off my bucket list (though really I’ve just updated that listing to say “play a villain in a video game”).

I recorded my parts (as “Rose Ridley,” a distraught young wife) some time ago and now I can’t wait until the game releases in the fall of 2016. When Justin Ng from Gattai Games was in town for E3 he let me take a peek at the demo. It was a bit surreal when he showed me the part that triggered my first bit of voice acting in the game. Yay!

I’m including the trailer in this news post but, spoiler alert, there’s none of me in it. What you do see is a view of the unique gameplay where you have to essentially echolocate to find your way around while avoiding certain horrors. I. Really. Can’t. Wait.

Stifled gameplay