By Erin B. Lillis

Oh good! You’re here! Please help! I’m scared!
I don’t know if you’ll hear this but
I have some notes, some pics and paired
with evidence you can’t rebut

I’ll make my case. So you’ll believe
the danger I am in is real
I hope that by the time I leave
You’ll have listened to my appeal

I think the moon is following me
You’ll think it’s crazy but it’s true.
Cause every night it’s light I see
NO MATTER my point of view.

Three weeks ago I saw it out
A crescent grin amongst the stars
I smiled back and went about
my night but something felt bizarre.

The hair rose on my neck and arms
A chill ran down my legs and back.
I know they talk of all it’s charms
but what if it’s a maniac?!

Just hear me out! There’s more to say.
According to my notes, I found
the moon again the next Tuesday
Suspiciously behind a cloud.

Although it changed its shape and height
I knew it was the same bright moon
and now when I go out at night
I try but can’t avoid that goon!

I made a mark in my date book
whenever it appeared this fall
If you’ll just take the briefest look
You’ll see the dates. IT WAS THEM ALL!

It’s always lurking, watching me
’round all the corners that I turn.
Just looking at my social feed
should raise some real and true concern.

My every friend and follower
that’s posted vids or snaps or pics
has caught the moon behind them, blurred,
just staring like a lunatic.

Of course I told my parents first
and they believed what I revealed.
But they told me it was our curse.
That there will be new things I’ll feel

Like when the moon is high and full
I’ll have the urge to scratch and chew.
And though my eyes are brown and dull
They’ll change to a more golden hue.

My hair will grow, all full and coarse.
The nails will sharpen on my toes.
My voice will drop until it’s hoarse.
I’ll smell more things with my new nose.

That can’t be right. It’s just too weird.
That makes me want to bite and growl!
It IS the moon that should be feared.
I’ll scream it! Shout it! Bark and howl!

Oh wait. I think I see their point.
I do feel stranger than before.
My muscles tense. I crack my joints.
I should have listened to the lore!

I’ll have to stop this silly plea
because my new blue friend is lit
The moon was never following me
I’ve always been stalking it.