Erin is probably the most inventive problem solver I know. This of course makes her a fantastic developer but her ideas extend well beyond code, into realms of storytelling, branding and experiential marketing. For her, it’s more than having something work, it also has to be extremely cool – and her ideas have kicked off some of the most innovative campaigns i’ve ever had the privilege of working on. She is an asset to her teams and an extremely loyal collaborator.
Erin and I worked together mostly on new business pitches. She is highly intelligent, very articulate and terribly witty–qualities that make her a delightful and valuable contributor. Erin’s creative ideas range from universe-building narrative concepts to novel uses of digital media and emerging tech. Her left and right brain are big and well-matched! She always balances her bright ideas with a pragmatic perspective on what’s realistically achievable. In all of my collaborations with Erin (and there have been many), she always opens my eyes to some new and interesting possibility. She is a true pleasure to work with.
Erin is one of the most talented people that I know. Not only is she a great problem solver when it comes to being a developer, but her ability to think outside of the box in brainstorms is something I truly admire. She always brings interesting and thought provoking ideas to the table, but always grounds them in relevant material (Apps, articles, experiences). There is never a brainstorm I wouldn’t want her in.